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" is a politically neutral grassroots coalition of physicians.  Use of any politically partisan terms does not reflect the position of  We do encourage our speakers to express how they feel and we post articles based on their informative content only.  Any politically partisan language used does not reflect the group as a whole.  Specific party or political allegiances and opposition are not our intent.  The goal of D4PC is only to advocate for effective and responsible health care reform."

15 Reasons To Oppose Obama's Insurance Exchanges, Twila Brase, RN in

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The attached Word document provides a summary of at least 15 reasons our organization supports the repeal of the health insurance exchanges provisions in the PPACA, the defunding of all exchange establishment and IT grants, the end of all funding for state, federal or federally-facilitated exchanges, the end of all funding for the Federal Data Services Hub, and ultimately, the repeal of the entire PPACA. Assuredly there are more than 15 reasons to oppose the federal imposition of a state-run exchange, a federally- facilitated exchange or a Federal Exchange, but these 15 reasons should be sufficient to clarify our opposition.

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