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" is a politically neutral grassroots coalition of physicians.  Use of any politically partisan terms does not reflect the position of  We do encourage our speakers to express how they feel and we post articles based on their informative content only.  Any politically partisan language used does not reflect the group as a whole.  Specific party or political allegiances and opposition are not our intent.  The goal of D4PC is only to advocate for effective and responsible health care reform."

D4PC "Morning Rounds", Monday May 7, 201

Monday, May 07, 2012

Welcome to D4PC "Morning Rounds", your daily review of healthcare news and information from Washington, DC and around the nation. These briefings will keep you up to date on recent developments and our effort to replace the PPACA with patient-centered reforms that protect the doctor-patient relationship and preserve individual freedom of choice.


"Cost Shifting Does Not Justify Obamacare", Town Hall

A major justification by President Obama for the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, which requires everyone to buy health insurance, is that every time an uninsured patient receives care in an emergency room, doctors and hospitals shift the cost to those of us who have insurance. But the impact of such cost shifting is vastly overblown and government, through the legislation, makes the problem worse, not better.


"Bipartisan Healthcare Plan Would have Prevented Election Uneasiness For Democrats",

D4PC: Its close to election time and vulnerable members of Congress are once again running away from their support for the government takeover and socialization of American healthcare. US Representative Barney Frank, who recently announced his retirement at the end this term, talks a big game now that he is no longer accountable to Massachusetts voters. The fact is members of both parties would do well by learning to work together, compromise where appropriate and take the advice and perspective of those most intimately involved in day to day healthcare activity; patients and their physicians.

Rep. Barney Frank has led a parade of Democrats in renouncing the passage of the Affordable Care Act, suggesting the far-reaching law may be a net deficit for the party on Election Day. "I think we paid a terrible price for health care," the Massachusetts Democrat recently told reporters. "I would not have pushed it as hard."


"HHS Provides Misleading Presentation To Tout Obamacare Benefits", The New American

D4PC: This past weekend, the president officially kicked off his re-election effort and the White House media machine unveiled its latest attempt at persuading the public into approving of their government takeover of American healthcare. The only problem is their presentation is full of omissions and half truths. It seems Team Obama just can't accept the fact that 2/3 of Americans reject the partisan, one-party hijacking of one-sixth of the US economy and the administration is very troubled by the fact they cannot brandish the PPACA as a true accomplishment in their re-election rhetoric.

A 20-page PowerPoint presentation drafted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which was leaked Wednesday on the website Buzzfeed, displays a simplified, bullet-point tool to educate the American public on how President Obama’s 2010 Affordable Care Act will reform the U.S. healthcare system. The document contains a rubric of helpful hints on how to teach public speakers how to hawk ObamaCare’s alleged benefits.

“Hello, my name is XXX,” the document begins, “and I’m glad to be with you today to talk about the health care law, the Affordable Care Act — and what it means for you, your family, and your community.”

PowerPoint presentation:


"Obamacare Policies Threaten The Most Vulnerable", The Washington Times

Choice is a word that generates powerful emotions, especially in America, and most notably when it concerns the freedom to choose in extremely personal settings, such as health care. This specific issue, choice in health care, is a fitting centerpiece of the presidential campaign because Obamacare in many ways directly restricts choices. Indeed, there may be no better issue to illustrate the stark difference between theObama administration and the opposition - a dramatic disagreement about the role of government in the lives of American families. Furthermore, Obamacare most directly hurts women, an irony that receives little attention, given the great effort by the Obama campaign to paint its Republican opponents as being hostile to America’s women.

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