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D4PC "Morning Rounds" Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to D4PC "Morning Rounds", your daily review of healthcare news and information from Washington, DC and around the nation. These briefings will keep you up to date on recent developments and our effort to replace the PPACA with patient-centered reforms that protect the doctor-patient relationship and preserve individual freedom of choice.


"More Obamacare Taxes On The Way", The Washington Times

"The Affordable Care Act - also known as Obamacare - contains 21 new or higher taxes on the American people. Eight of the tax hikes have already gone into effect, and a year from now five more will take force. These taxes will increase health care costs, cause significant job losses and restrict Americans’ health care options".


"Obamacare's Other Unconstitutional Provision", Hoover Institution

D4PC: A "must" read which explains everything one needs to know about the true intent of the PPACA which is to grant unprecedented federal control over our entire healthcare system. The author explains the historical, "Unconstitutional" aspects of the legislation and makes a compelling case for repeal of the entire law.

"IPAB is “‘independent’ in the worst sense of the word: it is independent of Congress, the President, the judiciary and the American people.” IPAB is a death panel not only by virtue of its awesome powers to control health-care decisions for millions of Americans, but because its creation and existence are antithetical to our republican form of government and the freedoms it was designed to protect".


"Independent Study: Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges Get a Grade of 'F'",

The independent Mercatus Center at George Mason University has given a grade of “F” to the ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchanges regulation. The center studies the anticipated results and economic effects of proposed regulations. In other words, their researchers evaluate whether regulations are likely to accomplish what their supporters say they will.


"'Exchange' You Can't Believe In", Wall Street Journal

"ObamaCare's insurance "exchanges" will go live in 2014. The Health and Human Services Department released draft regulations telling the states how they must run these organizations, which are the core of the new entitlement and are where people will receive heavily subsidized coverage. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the rest of the Obamacrats are using the language of choice and flexibility to sell their handiwork, but this is the triumph of euphemism over reality".


"Five Reasons Your Doctor Hates Obamacare", The Washington Times

"From the start of the reform discussions in 2008, despite the false sense of representation portrayed by the American Medical Association (which supported the "Affordable Care Act" law), American physicians have been staunchly against Obamacare and have not felt they could maintain the current state of their practices. The influx of tens of millions of additional patients with an "Obamacare card" in hand will only drive the quality and access to medical care in the negative direction".

"For these five reasons, and many more, your personal physician will not be happy in the straight jacket of Obamacare".


"Challenges Faced By Small Business Due To Obamacare", Fox News Latino

"Next to the state of the economy and the debt, the most specific fear for small business comprises the impending health care regulations which are proving to be difficult to decipher and threaten profitability.
Additionally, as small businesses become better educated on ObamaCare they are slowing down their hiring, and/or just dropping employer sponsored health care for their employees".


"The Healthcare Mandate Really Was A Mistake", The New Republic

"When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, many observers expected that controversy would die down, and the law would soon be as widely accepted as Medicare is. That hasn’t happened. Why not?"


"Big Brother Is Watching Your Doctor",

"One of the biggest fears the American people have about the new health overhaul law is that government will control decisions involving their health care, usurping the doctor-patient relationship".

"They have reason to be afraid. A report is in which details the blast of
$1.1 billion in early spending on “comparative effectiveness research” (CER) by the Obama administration, and it shows the government already is setting up the systems to direct doctors to practice Washington-approved medicine".

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