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D4PC "Morning Rounds" Thursday October 27, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to D4PC "Morning Rounds", your daily review of healthcare news and information from Washington, DC and around the nation. These briefings will keep you up to date on recent developments and our effort to replace the PPACA with patient-centered reforms that protect the doctor-patient relationship and preserve individual freedom of choice.


"Obama Rules, Budget Woes Spur Medicaid Benefit Cuts", Investors Business Daily

Let the rationing begin. Fourteen states have already slashed physician Medicaid reimbursement so low that physicians are dropping their participation in the program. With no other option, state legislators are now limiting how many times an enrollee can go to the emergency room in a given year. Unfortunately for patients, some symptoms of "life threatening" conditions are on the list of ailments that patients should refrain from going to the ER.

"Dr. Nathan Schlicher, spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, worries that "patients who have hit the three-visit limit could be discouraged from going to the emergency room when they have something serious. We're talking about some pretty serious medical conditions."


"Obama's Health Care Gamble", The Wall Street Journal

Unlike other laws which include a clause of severability, ObamaCare contains no provision that says if one aspect is ruled unconstitutional, the rest of the law still stands. There are many reasons why this happened. The most likely explanation is the bill was so rushed that even the authors themselves didn't verify the accuracy of the legislative language. Perhaps it was assumed no one would pay attention to constitutional arguments since constitutional authority is apparently not important to this administration if one considers how this bill was passed into law. The bad news for the president is the courts are paying attention and the administration's all-in bet may soon end this hostile takeover of the American healthcare system.


"Obamacare's Regulatory Uncertainty Stirs Republican and Democrat Criticism At the State Level", The Pelican Post

Finally, Republicans and Democrats agree on something; their hatred for Obamacare's onerous, burdensome, cost-prohibitive and overly complex mandates. “The frustration with the law is bipartisan,” she observed. “Republican and Democratic states alike are awaiting federal guidance on many issues.” For example, the NGA reports that insurance exchanges must be ‘wholly created in a very short time period,’ and yet they present ‘major challenges,’ because the states must establish interconnected, automated systems to determine whether any particular citizen is eligible for subsidies and, if so, through which program. Besides the lack of direction, the states are also concerned about the costs and resources needed to implement the law.”

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