What Is Docs4PatientCare

Docs4PatientCare is a national physician advocacy group which was launched in the spring of 2009 by Hal C. Scherz, M.D. of Georgia Urology.

Originally conceived to oppose passage of the Affordable Care Act, the physician members of D4PC dedicated their efforts toward educating their patients, the public and lawmakers about the dangers of government controlled healthcare and the eventual destruction of the doctor-patient relationship. Over a short period of time, hundreds of doctors joined us and it became clear that D4PC needed to be more than a single issue organization.


Docs4PatientCare believes there is a general lack of representation and effective leadership for the nation's 900,000 doctors, most of whom are engaged in daily patient care. Organizations like the AMA claim to be the predominant voice of doctors, but have proven they are more interested in protecting their self interest than advancing needed health insurance reform. They had an opportunity to stop passage of the Affordable Care Act, but chose to preserve their income stream by supporting this law at the expense of America's patients and the doctors who care for them.

Docs4PatientCare is dedicated to:

  • Becoming the new voice and advocate for the American medical profession.
  • Preserving the sanctity of the traditional physician-patient relationship.
  • Promoting the health care interests of all Americans.
  • Repealing the PPACA and leading the effort to develop practical and affordable alternatives.


D4PC is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(6) corporation. Due to federal rules, membership is limited to physicians (MD/DO). An affiliate group, the D4PC Alliance, is an auxiliary for the parent organization. Anyone can be a member of the Alliance, including other healthcare professionals and our patients. The public is encouraged to contribute to Docs4PatientCare through the Alliance and sign up for internet newsletters to stay informed about healthcare matters.


Docs4PatientCare has partnered with the nation's leading policy experts, legislators and media to create a narrative designed to accomplish our stated goals.

Our members have made appearances on over 250 syndicated radio, cable and network TV shows to promote public awareness of our "Prescription" for health insurance reform. We have authored dozens of opinion pieces which have appeared in prestigious newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, as well as online sites such as Fox News, Human Events, Real Clear Politics and the American Thinker.

D4PC is the only physician group asked to file an amicus brief in support of the 26 state lawsuit against the health law's individual mandate. As we now know, this case will be reviewed by the United States Supreme Court in 2012.


In order to be more engaged in determining healthcare policy, it is our intention to establish a D4PC chapter in 50 states and we are well on our way to accomplish this goal. State chapters will represent our members and assist national, state and local elected officials in developing sound healthcare policy. As a result of our work, lawmakers are beginning to realize that practicing doctors have been an overlooked and under-utilized resource to help them understand the substantive issues facing physicians and patients. Members of individual state chapters will also play an important role in vetting future candidates for elected office.


In just a few short years, D4PC has become the leading organization representing Doctors who are willing to advocate for their patients. D4PC has received recognition across the country for our work, including:

  • In recognition of his establishment of D4PC, Dr. Hal Scherz was the 2011 recipient of the Heritage Foundation's Salvatori Award for outstanding citizenship.
  • Our website is recognized as one of the premier sites for reliable and current healthcare information and is a daily resource for healthcare legislative aides on Capitol Hill.
  • The list of our strategic partners includes the Heritage Foundation, Galen Institute, Pacific Research Institute, Defend Your Health, Center for Healthcare Transformation, Benjamin Rush Society and the Steamboat Institute.


Most importantly, we are doctors who care for patients every day and want to continue to do so while limiting government and third parties in the examination room. The organization is funded entirely by money we raise through membership dues and contributions from the public. Our leaders have volunteered thousands of hours in developing this organization without any financial renumeration. In fact, they have donated thousands of dollars of their own money to develop and support Docs4PatientCare.

D4PC is a non-partisan organization. Our platform is based on free market principles which will enhance patient control over their personal healthcare decisions. Elements of our "Prescription" will minimize third parties from the delivery and payment of healthcare services and will promote personal responsibility. We endorse political candidates who espouse these positions.

As physicians, we always consider our patients' best interests while remembering we "don't take care of Democrats or Republicans; we take care of people".

To read more about D4PC and learn more about what we are doing to advocate for our patients, please read the recap of Docs4PatientCare's Annual Meeting held November 2-4, 2011 in Washington, D.C.